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Frequently asked questions

o   Keep the resistance tube tight at all times. No slack should ever be in the band unless you’re resting.

o   You should feel your heart rate elevated.  The last 3-4 reps should be more difficult than the first 8-10. If not, increase resistance

o   Keep time under tension. The entire range of motion should be under tension.

Yes, see our written testimonials here

Resistance bands product similar muscle recruitment activity levels and peak load levels as free weights.  The same percentage of muscle fibers recruited is similar. A 2006 study published in the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning” found that athletes who incorporated resistance band training into their workouts along with free-weight training saw significantly greater developments in leg power tan when they only used free weights.

Yes.  When used properly resistance bands force you to stabilize your core by engaging them giving you better balance throughout the exercise movement.

The way our bands are designed, you’re able to “stack” them to provide heavier resistance.  Our 11 piece set comes with 5 different resistance bands varying from 4 – 30lbs. When “stacking” the weight can get as high as 75lbs

Our bands come with an instructional video that show you proper set up and safety.  In addition, if you purchase any of our workout programs, they all come with exercise video demonstration.

Yes.  We’ve had thousands of clients have great results with resistance bands.  In fact, many of them report that their weight gains have increased significantly after a 6 week band program.