The Brand behind the Brand

• Resistance (strength) Training

• Cardiovascular (heart rate) Training

• Mobility (movement) Training

The LMH System workout programs are specifically designed to work with our exclusive exercise equipment through a hybrid of functional training consisting of Resistance (strength), Cardiovascular (heart rate), and Mobility (movement) designed to cut and strengthen. 

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The LMH System Methodology

LMHS is a hybrid of functional training with a focus on these three pillars:

Resistance (strength)

Cardiovascular (heart rate)

Mobility (movement)

All programming is designed using our trademarked anchoring system (Low, Mid, High) and CRT (cardio resistance training) platform.  This allows for versatile, effective, and efficient total body workouts without needing a gym or big, heavy equipment. All programs focus on isolated body parts using circuit-based workouts with minimal rest, which keeps your heart rate elevated in an optimal fat burning zone while simultaneously building strength.   

It combines all three forms of training into one to give an effective and efficient workout in 30 – 45 minutes.  Our workouts are designed to cut and strengthen while keeping heart rate elevated to its optimal fat burning, aerobic, and anaerobic zones.

How the programs is designed.

The core of all programming is centered around our unique and trademarked Anchoring System:

Low  | Mid  |  High

Circuits -Each circuit has 3-4 exercises

Rounds -Each circuit is to be completed 2-4 rounds

Reps -Each exercises is to be performed at a high repetition count

Each program is designed with 3 pillars working in unison: strength, heart rate and mobility. 

Harmonizing these three pillars through choreographed exercises centered around Low, Mid, and High resistance band anchor points allows for focus on isolated body parts to build strength and maximize fat burn.

Why it works.

CRT (Cardio Resistance Training)

The secret sauce is in our program design that is intended to focus on three areas:

-Resistance (strength)

-Cardiovascular (heart rate)

-Mobility (movement)

The entire program is designed to combine multiple forms of training into one with minimal rest, elevated heart rates and  optimal fat burning zones.

See demonstration videos.

Our Educational Circuit Series will be launching soon. 

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Our Products

LMH Systems has developed high quality fitness equipment and workout programs that work in tandem for maximum results. We are often the brand behind the brand. Through a strategic partnerships with ADO Bands, Pureflex Athletics and several others we design and manufacture resistance bands, loop bands and slider disks. In addition we write and produce total body workouts using our trademarked LMH System.

11 Piece Resistance Band Set

Resistance bands activate your core muscles for stabilization, are easy on the joints, ligaments, and tendons and allow you to take a powerful workout anywhere. 

Our bands set are:

  • Durable – double layer latex with heavy duty metal carabiner hooking system
  • Comfortable – oversized foam handles and padded ankle straps 
  • Designed, tested, and used by fitness and medical professionals

Loop Bands

No Slip  |  No Roll  | No Pinch

Activates and strengthen the hips, glutes, and hamstrings through forced stabilization and engaging hip abductors and external rotators. 

The bands teach you to push your knees out while squatting forcing proper form by adding posterior pressure to knees. 

Our bands have a “grippy” material inside that prevents sliding, rolling and pinching the skin.

Slider Disks

Slider disks lengthen and strengthen all the major muscle groups in your body by engaging their full range of motion.  And because your hands and feet never leave the floor while using the discs, it is a low-impact workout.

Our discs provide a rubber knob surface for superior hand and foot gripping.  They also come with covers to be used on wood, tile, and cement surfaces.

Digital Workout Programs

Our workout programs are the key component to the ecosystem for total body fitness.  

Each workout is designed to work with our exclusive exercise equipment through a hybrid of functional training consisting of 3 pillars: Resistance (strength), Cardiovascular (heart rate), and Mobility (movement).  Our workouts are centered around the Low, Mid, and High anchoring system with a focus on CRT (Cardio Resistance Training)

All programs are designed to cut and strengthen while keeping heart rate in its optimal fat burning, aerobic, and anaerobic zones.


No one can speak about our products and programs better than our clients. See what they have to say.

“I absolutely loved learning the workouts with the bands and how I can workout from home. I am much stronger than I was 6 weeks ago.”
Lexie M.
“These workouts never cease to amaze me. The coaches do such an incredible job making sure you get the most from your workouts. I see so many amazing before and afters from this challenge, you ladies are all so dang Inspiring!”
Angela J.
“4lbs lost and 4.25 inches. I have decided to restart the workouts on Monday because I enjoyed them so much!”
Cassi P.


A note from our founder PJ Guerrieri:

In 2014 I underwent surgery for a SLAP labrum tear of my left shoulder that required six anchors to repair. Ironically I was injured doing a dumbbell flat press. During a very long and challenging rehab (18 months) and overcoming frozen shoulder (it’s a lot more painful than you think) the LMH System was born.

It was during the painful days of rehabbing that I began developing the LMH System. As I was progressing through rehab and becoming stronger I began designing total body workouts based off an anchoring system. I was seeing significant increase in my overall endurance, strength, and mobility. I was getting a completely different “pump” than I would with dumbbells, barbells, and machines. I got myself back to top physical shape using only resistance bands.

Don’t get me wrong, I still hit the weights but resistance band training is the center of my workout programming.

Through this process I learned that most people, fitness and health professionals are very undereducated and inexperienced at the versatility and effectiveness of total body resistance band training. If resistance band training is not part of your programming, it needs to be!

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